Meet Kacy Smith

Hi, I’m Kacy…

My passion for the numbers had always been there.  I started college with the intent of becoming an accountant, but God had other plans for me.  After I married and had children, I gave in to my love for teaching and taught 6th Grade for 8 years.  It then led me to the Administration side of school where I strengthened my skill set in the area of finances, budgeting, managing accounts and so much more.

Little did I know that about 2 years ago,  I would be tested even more when I realized that I had let our own financial situation suffer by not paying attention to it in detail.  We had racked up so much debt including cars, credit cards, a Home Equity Line of Credit, you name it we had it.  We were normal right?  What I didn’t expect is the way it made me feel.

That was it!  It was time to gain control of our money and start telling it where to go instead of us wondering where it went.  I put our family on a written zero-based budget.  Since I am the one that does the finances in the family, I was bound and determined to get us out of this mess.  

With a lot of discipline, hard work, long hours, and sacrifice, we were able to pay off $68K of debt in 17 months.

This was the first time we had been debt free in our 28 years of marriage.  I was so inspired about what we were able to do, that I wanted to teach others how to do the same. I became a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and later graduated from the Financial Coach Academy to lead others to financial freedom.

If you work with me, we can set you up on a financial plan by gaining clarity of your current situation, identifying key problem areas, and implementing strategic steps to get you in the financial position you want to be in. 

Just think, months from now you could be sitting where we are today.  Debt-free and with a solid emergency fund in place.

Let me show you the quickest and straightest path to Financial Freedom.